We are a healthcare technology company that builds products to help health organizations prioritize patient care based on levels of risk.

We bring predictive machine learning solutions into the provider workflow, creating actionable data that drives interventions & prevents major health events.

Utilizing Technology to solve complex problems in the Healthcare Industry.

Powerful Data 

Wide-scale medical data collection brings statistical reliability to our services.

Predictive Algorithms  

Our software creates reliable, machine learning patient prioritization metrics through our cloud-based technology.

Patient Centered Analytics 

Care Providers can identify individuals at risk prior to avoidable events.

Better Health Care
and Reduced Costs.

The result is improved healthcare outcomes, prevented emergency visits, and reduced expenses for everyone.

Predict and Prevent

Our mission is to prioritize patients, assist caregivers, and improve the efficiency of the healthcare ecosystem through our predictive, data driven platform. 

We strive to aid our partners with the best platform to:


Improve the
health of patients and
prevent major events.

Our products provide simple, valid, and trustworthy metrics for driving patient priority lists supported by underlying causes to deliver interventions ahead of major events.


Assist Care Managers with an invaluable toolset.

PreSquared helps nurses and caregivers with limited resources to focus on patients that need help the most.
Our apps can seamlessly integrate into existing care management platforms.


Reduce Overcrowding
in the Emergency Department.

Avoidable Emergency visits, inpatient admissions, and re-admissions have a significant negative impact across the entire healthcare ecosystem. We strive to be a part of the solution to this problem.


Reduce healthcare costs for patients, insurers,
and Medicare.

The cost of unnecessary Emergency Department visits and Inpatient Admissions cost Medicare $22B in 2017 alone. Our platform aims to make a more efficient system that benefits everyone.

The Pre-AH model:
 Avoidable Hospitalization

The PreAH algorithm takes into account claims from Inpatient, Physician, Pharmacy, as well as demographics and environmental factors to create a unique predictive model that gives risk scores, reasons for risk, and even a timeline built into the technology. PreAH provides an intelligence and early warning system to assist healthcare workers in preventing major events with proactive care measures.

PreSquared Technology

Using a cloud-based platform designed for stand-alone or integrated implementations, The PreSquared SaaS was built using cloud-agnostic components, currently deployed in Microsoft Azure. The PreAH Algorithm produces a risk score that predicts the likelihood that a patient will experience an avoidable hospital event.
The most costly avoidable events are emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and hospital re-admissions.
For organizations that provide care coordination for their top 10% riskiest patients, PreAH identifies more than 50% of individuals who will actually have an avoidable hospital event.

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